More information about Ventures

Annual Fee

The Annual Fee covers the Scouting Ireland registration fee, hire and running of the den, Group equipment, programme materials, badges, Leader training and your first Neckerchief (Necker) & woggle.  It does not cover the cost of camps, day outings, activities.  We do our best to keep the cost of these to a minimum. 


We never communicate privately with Youth members.  We encourage Ventures to take responsibility for their own part in planning and attending activities.  Ventures and Ventures Scouters share a Whatsapp group where all things pertinent to Ventures are discussed.  We generally don't include parents in communications unless a large expense or complex travel arrangements are involved.




This is a simple ceremony where new Ventures are formally invested as a Venture.  Ventures who have not come up from Scouts will be given our group necker.