More information about Scouts

Annual Fee

The Annual Fee covers the Scouting Ireland registration fee, hire and running of the den, Group equipment, programme materials, badges, Leader training and your first Neckerchief (Necker) & woggle.  It does not cover the cost of camps, day outings, activities.  We do our best to keep the cost of these to a minimum. 


We never communicate directly with Youth members outside of weekly meetings.  We generally send emails and texts to parents advising of planned activities or other important information that you need to have – please make sure you check your email regularly as Scouts often forget to pass on information they hear at meetings.

Badge Placement

It is a good idea to sew on new badges as soon as you get them - here is a guide


This is a simple ceremony where new Scouts make their Scout Promise and are formally invested as a Scout.  Scouts who have not come up from Cubs will be given their group necker and our group name tape.


Please ensure your child’s uniform and belongings are labelled as we often end up with a bag of lost property especially after camps.

The one item worn at all times (except when removed for safety reasons) is our Group Neckerchief or "Necker".  The Group necker is ordered by the Group for all sections and is given to the new Cub or Scout when they are invested.  If the Scout has come up from Cubs they will continue to use their necker.  It is a good idea to buy a second necker to keep with their Class A uniform and to have a spare handy for the day they can't find their regular one.

The Class A uniform is as follows:

  • Scouting Ireland Shirt, with badges correctly sewn on

  • Scouting Ireland Trousers

  • Scouting Ireland Belt

  • Group Necker, properly ironed  & rolled.

  • Shoes or hiking boots **

** For certain formal occasions (e.g. Guard of Honour at funeral, plain black/dark shoes & socks must be worn)

Class A uniform is worn when travelling to camps, at uniform inspections or when otherwise advised.

Scout uniforms and other Scouting related items are available in the "Scout Shop"

  Outdoor Adventure Store

  Liffey Street, Dublin 1

  Tel: 01-872 6501